Books by Carol McAfee

Past books:

Walk Among Birches (Sourcebooks, 2001)
A novel about depression and recovery.  Janey Nichols checks into the hospital with postpartum depression.  After forging a relationship with an insightful psychiatrist and another patient named Delphina, Janey gains back her emotional strength.  Back home, however, life is far from settled.  Janey’s husband may or may not be having an affair, and Janey’s daughter is angry at Janey for getting depressed and ignoring her.  Dealing with timeless issues—infidelity, the stigma of mental illness, and mother/daughter dynamics—Walk Among Birches explores the mysteries and longings of human relationships.
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The ClimbingThe Climbing Tree Tree (St. Martins Press, 1989)
A mystery, featuring courtroom drama.  Baltimore’s most gifted prosecutor, Kate Riley, puts a child molester behind bars.  When the child molester escapes, Kate finds herself stalked throughout the city.  Kate seeks help from therapy and soon finds herself attracted to her kind and understanding psychiatrist Dr. Todd Fielding.  Fielding is not only her doctor, he is married.  Further complicating Kate’s life is a menace from the past she doesn’t begin to suspect.
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Who's the Kid Around Here, Anyway?Who’s the Kid Around Here, Anyway?  (Fawcett Books, 1992)
A young adult book.  Overachieving high school student Maddy Winchurch has a secret: her mother is an alcoholic.   Two guys compete to steal her heart—Isaac, the editor of the school paper, and O’Keefe, with his delinquent past.  Who will Maddy chose?   And will her mother ever get better?
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